Perfect Weather

[First effort in the Writing 101 thing. Started off iphone dictating random notes as Shepard and I were driving first to Brotherskye’s studio (“woodhouse” Shepard calls it), then preschool, then home and back to preschool to pick him up, then pasting her transcriptions into a doc and doing some minor tweaks to make them a little more readable, though there’s still no punctuation in order to keep it authenticly Siri-ish (Sirious?). Later I started tripping on the John Cheever story so that’s written, not dictated.]

Just passed a gas tanker truck with “Drivers Wanted” stenciled on the back. Maybe I could get a job driving a tanker truck

She told me last night at dinner that sometimes all they had to eat was
pretzels when their mom left for the weekend so they’d heat the pretzels up in a
frying pan I said did you fry them up with butter and she said no we just heat them
up so that it would seem like dinner

I can’t really tell her what I believe I can’t write what I feel what I think
because she would know it’s about her so high it’s not really my story to tell
But I can tell you because you don’t know her you don’t know me and I don’t know you

With the drought this serious there’s always something to
worry about so it’s hard even when the weather is beautiful like it is today
with it when it feels like the wind blows through the trees and the high Sierras
is still us

Just passed what used to be the old brewery it’s now a storage facility what a
strange situation to instead of drinking beer we’d rather lock our stuff
away and never see it

Are you gullible I’m gullible

Why would somebody murder out a Mercury subcompact [“murdering out” is “When a vehicle has both matte black paint or ideally, vinyl wrapping, and black aftermarket wheels for maximum cool effect. The window tint should also be really dark and other aftermarket accessories such as black taillight covers etc. should aid in blacking out the ride.” – Urban Dictionary]

I was just passing the blind Academy on Western I see some lady yelling like a
crazy person yelling random stuff in the street and all of a sudden I see
there’s a blind guy crossing the street against the light and I slam on the
brakes and just missing she was

Looking at the metro station on Western in Santa Monica Blvd. what was once a
gleaming postmodern architectural feat in the middle of urban blight is now
looks is faded and 30 and trashed as the Triforium that godforsaken misbegotten
Looking at old brick buildings on Vermont with a verse great him proof them
they’ve had to  drive bolts all the way through the buildings maybe hundred
feet long with giant nuts on the end and bolts holding the
things together you’d think they would be cheaper just to Terry the things down
but no it got these Chinese nuts and bolts holding them together like arrector

I remember when people said that he would do fine in life because he’s
good-looking and gets along with people as if all you have to do to get along in
life is please others
The most important thing is to please yourself
And that’s were he has a problems

I think we’re going to make it to school on time

All you need to do to be read or heard is to write something people want or need to read something people want to hear or need to hear is that too fucking obvious or what

Left to my own torture devices

I like Tennessee Williams but that Rococo tendency bugs me and I wonder is it because it’s so gay and then I think what does that mean gay and say define that don’t just resort to a pejorative and so I think well he’s capable of such poetic exactitude that approaches absolute truth which is what we’re all trying to nail but then he goes flying past that into narcissistic and self-conscious sort of indulgence deep space and wishful thinking
He can be a victim of his own passions

Doing the best you can is is like absolute zero. Like nothing can travel faster than the speed of light so it sort of sets a basic parameter. Unless like some researchers claim they’ve found at least theoretically particles that travel  faster than the speed of light, then all bets are off

The weather is almost perfect it’s an early low 70s cool breeze like I said reminds me of the night
That night it almost seemed like body temperature but of course it wasn’t
98.6 it was cooler but it seemed we could take our clothes off and it felt like
the air just an extension of our skin and we looked over as we were
heading to a dark corner of the park there was some other couple laying on
the grass humping

It is almost perfect kind of hard not to just love it even though there
is a drought not to just feel relaxed and at peace and enjoying whatever it is you’re doing riding a motorcycle or a bicycle or driving to get groceries
at Trader Joe’s or Home Depot or or

I read in the Cheever story in The Best American Short Stories of the Century the title always cracks me up it’s so serious and preposterous at the same time Then Donal Goslin who lived at the corner began to play the Moonlight Sonata and I thought of where I was living when that guy would play the same piece every night which you could hear especially well on warm nights like tonight when all the neighbors leave their windows open then I realize I was thinking of Rear Window and the courtyard where Jimmy Stewart hey wouldn’t Shimmy Stewart make a good stage name heard his neighbor practicing piano and the night when as he’s watching the pianist playing in the apartment across the courtyard a girl with a drink in her hand walks out from a behind where a curtain blocked his view and he smiles to see the guy who seemed he’d be locked away alone in his room forever has found someone to be with and I think oh shit I’m starting to mix up movie scenes and real life is that a bad sign
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